A Festival of Language
Celebrating our 15th year!

Words Are Wonderful is an annual, community-wide celebration of the power and magic of words.  This 10-festival is run entirely by volunteers and funded by local grants.  Please join us in supporting the Williamstown Elementary School's love of language!

Past visitors include Margot Apple, Ali Benjamin, Bennington Children's Chorus, Roger Bonair-Agard, Elise Broach, Joseph Bruchac, Eshu Bumpus, Jana Dillon, Erik E. Esckilsen, Crispina ffrench, Mordicai Gerstein, Billy Jonas, Lucille LePage, Helen Lester, Brian Lies, Grace Lin, Mary Jo Maichack, Taylor Mali, Matt McElligott, Mister G, Alethea Morrison, Jeff Nathan, Trinka Hakes Noble, Nutshell Playhouse, Tina Packer, James Preller, Candice Ransom, Robbins-Zust Marionettes, Ted Scheu "That Poetry Guy," Jim and Karen Shepard, SteveSongs, Melissa Stewart, Jennifer Trainer Thompson, Elizabeth Winthrop, Andrea Wright, and Jane Yolen.

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